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Steven Schroeder Belmonte Spain 2014 Team USA
Steven Schroeder
Leader of the Ursus Fight Club, Club Ursus

In 2012, I watched the live stream of the fighting taking place in Warsaw.  It was incredible to witness the steep learning curve that Team USA had, as they came up against combat situations they weren't completely prepared for.  I was struck by how very different this was, from anything else I had ever seen - it was the closest I'd ever seen to what I believe medieval tournaments to have actually been like.

Watching the American team literally learning on their feet, seeing the tactics evolving and progressing, I couldn't help thinking that I might be able to help the team catch up with the obviously much more practiced competition.  But I didn't really consider it seriously until a long conversation with Anthony Lynch about his experience.  Even after that, I assumed the 2013 team was set, until another conversation in late August, this time with team captain Andre Sinou, which made me realize there was still a chance to try out - I would have one month to get in good enough shape, and in acceptable armor, to try out for the national team.  And you all know me well enough to know how much I love a challenge...


Steven Schroeder has 25 years of experience with various forms of armored combat and has won tournaments on three continents.  He is an accomplished instructor, and is renowned for his team leadership in group combat and individual instruction.  He loves a good challenge, and helping the fighters on Team USA train is especially rewarding.  At 6'0 and 220#, Steve is getting used to being "the small guy" in the group.

Steve has been crafting armor for over 20 years and has been recognized for his artistry as well as his technical skill in both historic and modern technique.  Most recently he has been having fun crafting harnesses that will withstand the demands of fighting in the Battle of the Nations.  Aside from the rigors of medieval combat, Steve focuses his energy on his wife, son and their life in the home he built.  In the modern world, Steve is a building contractor specializing in residential home improvements.


Combat Experience
  • 2015 Team USA BoN 5 man team - 7th place finish (?)
  • 2015 Team USA BoN 21 man team
  • 2015 Team USA IMCF 5 man team - 3rd place finish
  • 2015 Team USA IMCF 16 Man- 2nd place finish
  • 2014 Team USA IMCF 16 man team - 1st place finish
  • 2013 Team USA Battle of Nations 21 man team - 4rth place finish
  • 2014 USA 5 man team Montreal - 1st place finish
  • 2013 USA 5 man team Montreal - 1st place finish
  • 2013 Ursus 5 man team USA Nationals - 2nd place finish
  • 2013 Ursus 5 man team Western Division - 1st Place finish
  • 2013 Ursus 5 man team Western Division @ Highland Games - 1st place finish
  • 2013 Ursus 3 man team Dragon Fyre Faire - 1st place finish
  • 2012 Ursus 5 man team Western Winter Divisional - 1st place finish
  • 2012 Western Winter Divisional - 2nd place individual overall points
Areas of Specialty
  • Armouring
  • Falchion and Shield combat
  • Mace and Shield combat
  • Polearm Combat
  • Bastard Sword combat

Contact Information

Leader of the Ursus Fight Club
Club Ursus
  • (925) 285-3068

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