Profile Overview

As a freshman at UC Berkeley in 1998, Dmitriy saw another student carrying a sword across campus.  This chance encounter severely affected his future GPA, as he immediately joined the SCA and started practicing sword-fighting obsessively. In the SCA Dmitriy met future founders of Ursus: Anthony Lynch, Steve Schroeder, Jeff Galli, and others. Dmitriy became Jeff's student and studied polearm and sword and shield combat under Jeff's enthusiastic, if somewhat eccentric, instruction.

Dmitriy joined the ACL in 2012 and became a founding member of California's club Ursus. He supplements his Ursus training with CrossFit at Lalanne Crossfit ( and Sambo at Bay Area Combat Sambo / FitFight inc (  His strengths are field awareness, tactical acumen, and speed.

Combat Experience
  • USA 21x21, Battle of the Nations, 2013. Aigues-Mortes, France (4th place)
  • USA-1 5x5, Winter Tournament, 2013.Montreal, Canada (1st place)
  • Ursus 5x5, ACL Fall National Practice, 2013. Springfield, IL (2nd place)
  • USA-1 5x5, Winter Tournament, 2014. Montreal, Canada (1st place)
  • IMCF World Championship 2014, 16x16 (1st place)
Areas of Specialty
  • Jack of all trades, master of none.

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