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So how do I get started?

Hello all,

This thread will be for questions/answers from my exprience starting in 2011 on "How to get started" in the high intensity sport we are partisipating in. 

Feel free to ask all questions you have here in the forum as it will help to round out any areas that may be missing. 

Topics for this thread:

1. In a nutshell - what is this again? 

2. Bringing it! Having the right mentality and fitness to play with the big guys.

3. Equipment - Ok, so I am a bad ass and ready to destroy people - what equipment do I need? Whats Historic documentation? 

4. Other items - traveling with equipment, insurance, repairs, etc. 


Topic #1 - In a nutshell - what is this again?

Hello all,

This is a high-level overview and not intended to be a comprehensive history - just one guys perspective on what "this" is and how you too can be a part of it. 


I first heard of HMB/Battle of the Nations in the fall of 2011 when a good friend started a fund raising campaign to get overseas for the first US Team to participate in the "Battle of the Nations". My friends and I had been doing Western Martial Arts for years and had some contacts in other countries and places, however this was the first time any of us had heard and seen alot about how large and well represented the events were. That first team in May of 2012 learned a lot, fought with heart and came home to tell the tale. There were initial worries about serious injury and possibly even death from participation. Through training, time and the RIGHT equipment (including the right fit!) its been shown that you may get hurt but serious injury was the exception not the norm.

Since 2011/2012 the Ursus team has started to focus on bringing the best team to domestic and international events. We have some good leaders and some great direction and look forward to continuing this forward.


So back to the first question – what is this?

Ursus is a Fight Club that competes in events domestically and internationally based on ACL/IMCF/HMB and EMP rule sets. This includes single combat (1v1), Melee combat (5v5) and larger (10+) or “all vs. all” events. We compete in historic styled armor from the 1300’s thru the 1600’s.

Our goal is around fielding the best team we can. That goes from intense training, equipment building, tactics, sharing information and fitness. Did I mention training? Its been shown that having a core team that trains closely and frequently has many distinct advantages. We want to leverage that as much as possible.

More to come!

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