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House rules

Welcome to the Ursus Fight Club forums.  

  We plan to fight and train anywhere and everywhere.  We are a collection of sword fighters and martial artists and enthusiasts.

  No one comes here fully formed ready to dominate.  It takes training, practice and conditioning.  Just being willing to give this a try has put you in a pretty small elite group.  It is unfortunate that within that group divisions have occurred, and some people are having a hard time reconciling with others.  Honestly, we could care less what your background is or which groups you practice, train or fight with. We are all more alike than different, and we can learn from any group.

  On these forums we will be group neutral.  We have a strong desire to have a place where ethusiasts can share ideas and pass on knowledge. If anyone  continues to bad mouth any groups on this site they will be removed after the first warning.  

  Drama will not be tolerated.

  What you do here is a reflection on our group. Please act and behave accordingly.

Let's build something together.